Interested in Applying?

Once you have read all information on this page and meet all the requirements, please send us an email at with some basic information: name, address, what the dog is needed for, and we email you the application materials.

apply for a service dog from Paws Assisting Veterans | service dogs for ptsd, psychiatric service dog, dogs for veterans, ptsd service dogs for veterans, service dogs for veterans with ptsd, service animals for veterans, where can i get a service dog, help for veterans with ptsd, service dogs for disabled veterans, va service dogs, service dogs for military veterans, assistance dogs international service dog, getting a service dogUnfortunately, the need exceeds the availability of trained service dogs. Dogs are matched based on the needs of the veteran and the availability of a service dog that would best meet those needs and circumstances. The ability of a potential recipient to provide a safe environment and loving care of the service dog is an important condition for placement. The veteran must be able to provide financially, emotionally, and physically for the dog. On average the expense for food, toys, equipment, and routine veterinary services amount to $1000 per year over a lifespan of an average of 12 years. Please consider this financial commitment before applying for a PAVE service dog.

PAVE does not charge for the dog.