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What is the purpose of the program?

Answer: PAVE’s mission is to train and provide service dogs for our Veterans suffering from mental and/or physical disabilities.


Is PAVE accredited?

Answer: Yes, PAVE is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International, the premier international organization that establishes and promotes standards of excellence in all areas of assistance dog acquisition, training and partnership.  Only three organizations in Oregon are currently accredited members.


What are the funding sources for the organization?

Answer: PAVE, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is funded by private donations, corporate donations, foundation funding, and grants.


How much does it cost to raise, train, and support each assistance dog?

Answer: It costs PAVE around $42,000 per dog which includes lifelong follow-up training and support.


What portion of every dollar goes to the program?

Answer: Approximately 90 cents of every dollar is spent on program expenses.


How many dogs are placed on average each year?

Answer: Currently 5-7 new service dog/Veteran teams graduate each year.


 How much does the recipient pay for the service dog?

Answer: PAVE provides the service dog, the training, and ongoing support at no charge along with the initial supply of equipment and supplies valued at over $1,100.


How long does it take to train a PAVE service dog?

Answer: It takes approximately 1.5 – 2 years.


How does PAVE acquire dogs for training?

Answer: PAVE works with Guide Dogs for the Blind, selected breeders, and rescues/shelters.


Which breeds does PAVE train to be service dogs?

Answer: PAVE primarily trains Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, or Lab/Golden crosses.


Why do you work with these breeds?

Answer: These breeds have consistently been successful in service dog work in regards to aptitude, temperament, and work ethic.


At what age do you begin training?

Answer: As soon as the dogs join our program


What kind of training is used?
Answer: PAVE dogs are trained by certified, professional dog trainers who specialize in service dogs, using positive reinforcement methods.


What tasks do the service dogs learn to mitigate the Veterans’ disabilities?

Answer: PAVE assistance dogs are trained to the specific disability needs of the individual Veteran. Examples of tasks they perform depend on the specific needs but may include: turn lights on/off, open/close doors, retrieve items, nightmare interruption, redirect Veterans during a PTSD episode, and provide DPT and grounding.


Will PAVE train or certify a personal dog as a service dog?

Answer: No, PAVE does not train or certify dogs already owned by the Veteran.  Assistance Dogs International lists some organizations that offer that kind of training.


What are the basic eligibility standards?

Answer: The initial required qualifications are: 1.) honorable discharge, 2.) licensed health professional ongoing support appropriate for the mental and/or physical disabilities, 3.) housing and financial stability to provide for the well-being of the service dog.